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: EBoard Vacancy - Disclosure Mandatory
: GoodTradeUnionist December 05, 2012, 01:15:55 AM
I agree that the newsletter confirms a vacancy on the EBoard, but no news
Regarding Majesky's truncated tenure.
Health issues are rumoured, and GTU does seem slow moving.
Ardent supporters and detractors are inquiring as to Gary's fate.
He's either the stupidest politician and doesn't care about star billing...or there's another plan...always is with this crowd.
I don't think his dad would agree with his decision.
That said, Gary needs to clarify his status and intentions.
Erasing democratically officers is akin to the practice of successor emperors scrubbing the names of predecessors from all public buildings and places of worship.
It's amazing that some per diem hucksters are making heart felt inquiries about Gary's status, hoping to discover his fate
O'boy...Ed's Billy goat will be disappointed.
: Re: EBoard Vacancy - Disclosure Mandatory
: PSperanza December 05, 2012, 09:32:34 PM
I think it's clear Gary, The Jeff Irons said so in his nice loud clear voice. ;)

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