424 Pension & the International Pension

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Eric Klyne:
Well, I will receive documentation for transferring my pension from IBEW 424 to a locked-in RRSP of the Bank of my choice around June 15.

I should have it my Bank sometime around September/October.

The good news is that I can cash it all in 3 years!  :)

Now I just have to get the details for receiving my lump sum pension from the International IBEW...

Pension & Reciprocity
Director: Lynn Fieldman
202 728-6094

Eric Klyne:

Eric Klyne:

Eric Klyne:

For my fellow Brothers that were interested in their options.  :)
Brothers as in true union Brothers ... not those IBEW members that just pay dues... but still useful information for all contributors to the 424 Pension Fund.

Page 18
If you incur a Break in Service before age 55, you may transfer the Commuted Value of your vested pension entitlements to a vehicle approved under Applicable Pension Laws.


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