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just picked up a call for lockerbie and hole at suncor steepbank.
was wondering if anyone is there or has been there and can give me some information.
what is the bathroom situation there?  camp food ?  no tv in room i heard?  is there a place to watch the hockey games?  is there internet access in the rooms?  overall what is the camp like, cleanliness, security of rooms, etc.
also, i am told i have to pay my own flight and cab up there to start.  is lockerbie good for reimbursing in a timely manner?

You are in the worst camp in the Fort Mac. area,
They are trying to improve it with new trailers and new kitchen.
There are common T.V. rooms and I believe internet in rooms , at a fee.
You have to pay your own expenses , unless the call says transportation supplied or payed for.
Their is cable in the rooms, but you need to get your own television

the call said flights provided, but both the hall and lockerbie both informed me that they do not provide the initial flight only reimburse u for it.
why is it the worst camp?
i understand no tvs in the rooms, but what else is wrong with it?

What else is wrong with it?  WELL

The food is the worst in the Fort Mac area (my opinion)
The walls are so thin in the camp that if the guy next to you farts you hear it
The only washrooms are down the hall
You hear the air canons from the tailing's ponds all night
No bar in camp
The last time I was there they closed our bunk house do to black mold
No air conditioning in the rooms (as of the last time I was there)
There was talk about going all non smoking but don't know if it happened yet
Oh and take a lock for your closet it locks like a tool box. Put your name on the list to move over to the other camp as soon as you get there it usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to get moved could be less now do the lack of people on site.  Take a beer refrigerator sometimes its hard to get ice.

Its a job and I had to live in that place for well over a year so its all in how you look at it.

sounds swell......i hope u can at least get internet access in your room?


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