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Eric Klyne:
Each room has cable that you can get the Internet. Just phone SHAW cable and let them know which camp and room # that you are in and you will be hooked up right away.
The Millenium Camp sucks as others have already stated and as Insulator said, put your name in for the Borealis Camp as soon as you check in.
Your Job Steward should be able to assist and inform you of when you can move from Millenium to Borealis Camp.

The Job you are going to is across the river, so you won't be getting gassed by the operating plant. You will be getting to work by bus from camp.

I just checked the archives , and on the 24th the call said flights to be arranged,
Based on the call you should have your flight paid.
Go to the 424 jobline , select archive and print out the call so that you have proof that you should have your flight paid.
good luck

i'm flying up there on tuesday on my own dime....gonna submit my receipt.....
so should i call and get a modem from shaw before i even get there?


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