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Author Topic: OMOV  (Read 966 times)

Offline Eric Klyne

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« on: November 07, 2010, 10:27:57 PM »
Discuss One Member One Vote and spread OMOV literature. 



What is the ammendment for?

This ammendment will change the method of election for the IBEW International Officers from the current per-capita tax vote by the delegated at the convention to a referendum vote by the rank & file members for those offices.

Why would we want to do that?

With the current system of electing the officers, there is no accountability to the rank & file members. The Constitution sets out the way we are to elect the delegates to the convention to represent us but allows no direction from the members who voted for them. Example: if the memers of Local Union A wanted their delegates to vote for candidate B, there is nothing to stop the delegate from voting for candidate C even though he is elected by you, the member.

What is a referendum vote?

A referendum vote is the same kind of election you have for government offices. You go to the polls and cast your ballot for the man or woman you think most represents your positions on the issues that affect your life. The election results are added up and the candidate receiving the majority of all votes cast is declared the winner.

Could what happened in the last Presidential election happen in this system?

No. the winner must have a majority of all votes to be declared the winner. There is a provision in the ammendment to address the possibility of one candidate not receiving the majority. If there is more thatn two candidates running for the same office and none of those receives a majority vote, the top two candidates will be relisted on a new ballot and a run-off election will be held within the next two months to determine the winner.

How will I know who I want to vote for?

Prior to the election, all candidates for office will be given a half page advertisement to be published in the IBEW Official Journal, stating their opinions or promises to you in that ad. They will be able to put anything they want in the JOurnal that is relevent to the issues in the office they seek.

How will this help me?

When the officers are elected by the members they are then accountable. They will have to address the issues that affect you personally and if they do not, you will then have the power to vote them out at the end of their term. No more "Business as usual" the rank & file will have a true voice with their vote.

What if I don't like any of the candidates who are running for office?

That is the beauty of this ammendment. You, as a member, have a way to run for the office yourself. There are two ways to be nominated for an office. Since we will still be having the convention to address the other issues facing the IBEW, we will still have delegates. These delegates had the power to nominate before, and they will still have that power. Any delegate can nominate you for anny office. If you can't ge a delegate to nominate you, there is a second way of nomination that requires the support of 1000members representing four different local unions in a petition form that then can be submitted for nomination instead of having a delgate do it for you.

How do we get this Ammendment passed?

Any ammendment that wishes to be submitted to the IEC for considration must be approved by fifteen local unions with no two being from the same State or Province. This proceedure is set forth in the Constitution, Article XXVII, Section 1, Paragraph (a) and must be followed if we are to win this battle. We as members have to propose it at our local meetings and get the membership to vote to approve it. When enough do this, it will be sent to the IEC for consideration and approval for a referendum vote by the entire IBEW. All 800,000 of us if everyone votes. As you can see, we have a lot of brothers and sisters to inform about this ammendment.
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Offline PSperanza

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« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2010, 06:53:20 PM »
The United Steelworkers have OMOV in their constitution. Perhaps it will be useful to study how it affects their union and the accountability of their international and national officers. Eh? ;)



One Member, One Vote

USW democracy begins at home, in more than 1,800 local unions throughout Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. Membership is open to all without discrimination.

Steelworkers are men and women of every ethnic background from cities and towns in every region of our countries, workers who join together in local unions to bargain a better deal - more job security, a healthier and safer place to work, better benefits, and an end to arbitrary, unfair treatment.

Union officers at every level are responsible to the membership. And the principle of "one member, one vote" applies whether we’re electing our local officers, deciding our goals and priorities in contract negotiations, choosing delegates to help establish the USW’s overall policy at our triennial international convention, or voting for the international, national and district officers who make up our executive board and direct the Union’s day-to-day work.

USW collective bargaining agreements set the pattern for hundreds of thousands of workers in dozens of industries. Union contracts do more than raise wages and deliver an array of benefits such as pensions, health care and vacations. They also secure equal treatment on the job and provide an established procedure for resolving differences with supervisors and management — a grievance procedure that resolves disputes on their merits, not on favoritism.

Trained professional staff provide our districts and local unions with expertise in research, economics and public policy, legal services, health and safety, and communications. Equally important, thousands of USW members are trained every year by our Union in these and other skills.

This is Our Union, an organization fighting to improve our wages, benefits and working conditions; to ensure justice and dignity on the job; and to create a social movement to better the lives of all working people.
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I love our local 353, SOLIDARITY and SUCCESS to the members in Alberta!

Offline Eric Klyne

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« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2010, 04:03:19 AM »
Nice post.

Can't see how anyone can argue against this.
Has the USW suffered because of it?
Were they politicized into a crippled Union because of it?

Let us look into it and see. . .

Offline Jim Upper

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« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2010, 11:16:17 PM »
And to think they even support other unions when solidarity is needed.
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