News: IBEW Locals in 15 States and Provinces Have passed a Motion To Support The OMOV Proposal

  • December 04, 2020, 04:52:08 AM

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December 04, 2020, 04:52:08 AM

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Author Topic: Sidney Shekels The New Uncle Tom  (Read 807 times)

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Sidney Shekels The New Uncle Tom
« on: September 19, 2013, 05:32:23 AM »
Perry, you are fighting old elections. :'(

It's not 1997 any more.  You keep trading on your former a well past his prime prize fighter.

You elevate Majesky in the mistaken belief this is the Fashion regime where you attempted to stereotype everyone.  What a big mistake. ???

Your new contortion is alleging collusion was afoot to ensnare you in your good samaritan low-rise role.  Fact is the Cops carted you away...but not the Keystone cops...what is truly amazing, you are the biggest I.O. customer I've seen, because you seem to spend an inordinant amount of time there, using their resources, yet I have never done that ever. :D

For a guy that demonizes I.O., you sure use a hell of a lot of their (our) resources.  That's what I find truly odd.  Just like you hated Fashion, you needed him most.  Fashion was oxygene to your political fire, without him, you lost your boogeyman.

Don't you think that's ironic? ???

Unfortunately Perry, you are a pathological liar, and you believe your fiction.  That's what misinformation Minster's do.

As they say, perception becomes reality in the insane asylum.

Your denigration of the officers, and referring to them as keystone cops, is funny, but no less so because you can't seem to best these guys. :o

If they are flat footed clowns...why do you keep losing to them?

In 2001 you sensed the political tides might change, so you jumped ship, thinking the good ship Fashion was listing, taking on water and might go down, only later to realize the tide carried you out, not to shore...cast adrift you have bobbed around looking for a safe port to land.
Your best shot at glory was then in 2005 and 2008, but that ended on a sour note for you.

So the keystone cops you now lampoon and make fun of aren't savvy trial board or charging parties, WHY, because you say so?

Perry, you have a right to run for office every 3-years.  At one time you were reasonably credible, but now have less fizz than Majesky...who is a husk of his former self.  On the shelf like an old trophy, Majesky has taken up whittling.

But Gary like a good farm hand with wheel barrow in tow to cart the millions he collects, schuffles along like a good uncle see Gary is now an A-1 house niggar, chasing shekels, and feigning leadership, which is as abstract as truth to him.  Devoid and destitute of honour, he limps, like you do (by the way you should call him for that) and watches the parade go by...waving his flag which turns out to be his pay stub.

Just wanted to set the record straight!  

Just retired, enjoying my pension.

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Re: Sidney Shekels The New Uncle Tom
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2013, 12:55:25 PM »
Your version of events isn't credible as I've been showing your scat for some time now. And you call Speranza a lier, LOL. Involving yourself in a frame up is a betrayal of an important rank and file ethic. Dear ole Dad must be trolling over by now. The devious disciple, pocket book member and carpetbagger. Your lucky there's no LMRDA in Canada. Or maybe not. Well see. Lots of people read these posts (here and elsewhere) and are getting  to know Gary Majesky. 
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