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Author Topic: Geoff Nash Ruled Ineligible Ralph Heath Appointed  (Read 2301 times)

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Geoff Nash Ruled Ineligible Ralph Heath Appointed
« on: April 23, 2014, 02:26:51 PM »
On April 8, 2014 the members at the local 353 North Unit Meeting were informed that Geoff Nash has been appointed to be the election judge for the local 353 2014 local union election by Robert White.

On April 10, 2014 at the local 353 South Unit Meeting members were informed that an election board (3 members) had been appointed by the local 353 president Robert White.

When questioned about the process to be used in the mail in ballot election Geoff Nash declined comment citing the fact that he had not made any decisions yet and had only just been appointed. Later he said that he had not had a chance to arrange a meeting of the Election Board and therefore could not make any comments on the process that would be employed.

I made attempts to contact him this week to follow up on my questions regarding the process. I anticipated that after having a whole week to convene with the election board that he should be able to respond to the questions he had declined to address the week of April 8 at all the three local 353 unit meetings.

I called and left a message on Monday and I left a note for him at the union hall when I was told he was not in the office and may have stepped out to lunch. I waited till 2:45 and then was asked to leave him a note which I did.

Today April 23, 2014 I received a telephone call from local 353 President Robert White. He told me that he was sitting there with Geoff Nash and Ralph Heath and that it has been discovered that as per the new IBEW Election Guide received only yesterday that Geoff Nash was not eligible to be the election judge and that he had now appointed Ralph Heath.

I asked Geoff Nash if he had been able to meet with the election board and discuss the process by which the election ballot envelopes would be secured until the time that they were to be counted.

He said well we haven’t met but we have been intouch by phone and email so yes that counts as a meeting. I asked if he had decided what the process would be to secure the election ballot envelopes that members sent through the post office until they were to be opened and counted. Robert white interrupted and said that all candidates would be treated equally and that there had been no nominations as yet and therefore there were no candidates.

Geoff Nash did not respond to my question and so I thanked Brother White for the call.
I love our local 353, SOLIDARITY and SUCCESS to the members in Alberta!

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Re: Geoff Nash Ruled Ineligible Ralph Heath Appointed
« Reply #1 on: April 24, 2014, 11:57:54 PM »
RE: Process of Mail In Ballot Election?

Geoff (electionjudge@ibew353.org)  Add to contacts  3:09 PM   
To: 'Perry Speranza'

Hi Perry, Thank You for your E Mail. At this time the details of the Elections have not been finalized. When that happens the membership at large will know.


With Thanks

Ralph Heath

I.B.E.W Local 353

Election Judge


From: Perry Speranza [mailto:perryspe@sympatico.ca]
Sent: April 24, 2014 10:44 AM
To: electionjudge@ibew353.org; Perry Speranza
Subject: Process of Mail In Ballot Election


Hello Ralph,


As per the telephone call made to me yesterday April 23, 2014 by Local 353 President Robert White that I was informed you were a part of, I understand you have been appointed election judge for the local 353 mail in ballot election.


I want to ask you what the procedure will be for securing the ballot envelopes until the time they will be counted by the election board.




Perry Speranza

Local 353 member

I love our local 353, SOLIDARITY and SUCCESS to the members in Alberta!

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Re: Geoff Nash Ruled Ineligible Ralph Heath Appointed
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2014, 03:28:45 PM »
Well Brothers and Sisters of local 353 and the rest of the IBEW we are now seeing how IBEW democracy will be further watered down and how members will be dictated to in the new election system imposed upon local 353 by the international office.

The international office of President Ed Hill changed the bylaws to include an appointed by the incumbents (the president) group (election judge/election board) that are closely aligned with the administration (the election judge is an appointed employee of the union administration with a high paying job)   

Leading up to this new style election the corrupt local union officers violated the IBEW Constitution repeatedly to avoid a membership action to shed light on the process to be employed in securing the election envelope ballots.

Election Judge and Election Board

It appears that this selected group of supporters and employees of the elected incumbent officers will be trusted to be handling the election ballot envelopes behind closed doors as is the practice in the mail in votes conducted IBEW CCO (Construction Council of Ontario}.

The appointed election "judges" Geoff Nash and now Ralph Heath have managed to avoid answering questions about this process in front of the membership despite numerous questions by members and would have us believe that the process has not been defined "as yet".

The Executive Board members also mostly appointed paid representatives of the local don't want to comment on the process despite being involved in selecting the independent unbiased third party company to administer whatever they will be paid to do.

The membership don't have any idea what their role or duties will be because we have not been told or allowed to use proper parliamentary procedure to allow discussion about it. The Executive Board empowered by the new imposed bylaws that includes a mail in ballot provision entertained quotes from the various companies and selected one but say they have no control of the process and don't know what it will be despite selecting the company according to how they said they would be able to handle the process.

Sounds like nonsense to me. ???   

I expect that until and for sometime after the nominations take place we will still be in the dark about what the actual process will be. Then when it's too late it will just be done without any written announcement specifically defining the process.

The paid propaganda people at the local may accuse those wanting transparency about the process and accountability of being paranoid and libelous for even expressing concerns that such a process is rife with opportunities for abuse.

But they don't need to worry because there is no LMRDA type law in place in Canada to protect union members from corrupt union leaders that may cheat in union elections.

There is just an appeal process to the IBEW First District IVP.

The IBEW First District has not shown no ability to deal fairly with any members’ appeals or charges against corrupt officers. They have never properly addressed election challenges in the past and basically just waited for long periods of time before making some sort of decisions. Eventually some sort of incomplete and in my opinion insulting to intelligent members type of decision will be sent. Those decisions in my experience avoid the issues and cover up whatever needs to be covered up to protect the corrupt officers.

We've lived with no fair oversight over union elections by what are supposed to be trusted impartial international officers in the past and had to accept injustices and unfair elections conducted on a slanted playing field but now that Ed Hill has stepped in to make things better by imposing these new election bylaws it appears things will be far less democratic and far more subject to whatever those in control can devise to tip the scales even further.

We must trust the IBEW International officers to provide Oversight

The only people local 353 members will be able to appeal to will be the yes men at the IBEW First District office.

Sorry IBEW IVP Bill Daniels and company but you have showed yourselves to be just that.

Ed Hill you are sad excuse for a labor leader when you conduct business in the unfair manner you have become accustomed to.

To fellow IBEW members we need to address this dictatorship or continue to watch as our union is reduced further and further to a corporate controlled hiring agency filled with appointed self serving yes men posing as union officers.

Just my opinion of course but it's an educated opinion... in my opinion… I know it's a little vague.

But i'll be able to give you more details as this hypocrisy plays out one more time in Canada the true north strong and free.

Remember to avoid those rose colored glasses being passed around by all those that would have you believe that everything is in good hands and there is nothing you can do or should do.

I believe you must do, it's your duty as an IBEW member.

In Solidarity and Brotherhood       
I love our local 353, SOLIDARITY and SUCCESS to the members in Alberta!