News: IBEW Locals in 15 States and Provinces Have passed a Motion To Support The OMOV Proposal

  • January 24, 2021, 01:39:14 PM

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January 24, 2021, 01:39:14 PM

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Author Topic: The IBEW Secret Society  (Read 2709 times)

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The IBEW Secret Society
« on: June 22, 2015, 03:48:33 AM »
The IBEW PreCrime Department

     Unbeknownst to all IBEW members and most lower tiered officers, an IBEW Secret Society does exist. Now the term 'society' is more of an eye catching title to draw attention to an important issue. In reality, it is another department within the IBEW but one that is kept secret.

     So what is this secret IBEW department all about? It's all about "PreCrime". Set primarily in Washington, D.C., "PreCrime", is a specialized IBEW department that singles out alleged IBEW enemies based on foreknowledge provided by psychics called "precogs", otherwise known as "IBEW PreCrime Police officers". These "precogs" blend in to all levels of the IBEW and are indistinguishable from members and officers that blindly follow rules that clearly violate the IBEW Laws.

     IBEW officers that seem like they may be part of the "PreCrime" Department but are not "Precogs" are probably officers of the IBEW Department of Justification. Leading officers in that department are dispatched to all IBEW Local Unions and are called the "Ministers of Propaganda". IBEW 353 has an all too popular one being the IBEW officer GoodTradeUnionist aka Gary Majesky.

     How does anyone know of this "secret" IBEW Department? What evidence is there of this unbelievable and disturbing revelation? Well it's all about the footprints. "Footprints?" you ask. Well, by footprints, I simply mean the visual evidence that members should see. Like obvious violations of Parliamentary Procedure and politically motivated false charges. The problem of course, is that most members are totally oblivious of the IBEW Constitution and the IBEW officers want it to stay that way.

     What happens when members ask questions? That is when the IBEW Department of Justification turn to their "Ministers of Propaganda" to write up decisions that you may have read. If you ever read decisions to IBEW Kangaroo Courts (Trial Boards), on the surface, those decisions seem to make sense. "Seem." But to someone who takes the time to read the decisions more than once, compare them to transcripts and measure whether there is any logical sense and balance to them, they would see the injustice. The injustice that is neatly tucked into decisions camouflaged with highfalutin verbiage.

     Back to the IBEW "PreCrime" Department. "Bullshit!" you say. "What evidence is there?" "Where are the footprints?" OK, I am glad you asked. Let's start with something that is currently happening within the IBEW Local Union 353. How about the recent email from the IBEW Executive Assistant to the International Vice President, Representative Thomas Reid?

Tom Reid stated:
"Additionally, as we discussed in the parking lot outside the First District office there are a number of practical, common sense, 
reasons why the IBEW cannot allow members to tape record meetings, the most obvious being to protect the integrity of the meeting and the record there of. 

We would have no practical means of ensuring that the members were not sharing the tape recordings with whomever they saw fit,
which could include competitor unions, nonunion, or contractors.

Additionally there is no means of ensuring that the member taping the meeting has not manipulated the recording to their own advantage resulting in an inaccurate record.

Finally, it is not permissible because potentially there could be ulterior and malicious motives involved that are not in the best interest of the membership or the IBEW."

     You ask, "How does Tom Reid's email relate to the IBEW "PreCrime" Department "precogs" and what they are doing?"
Well, it's not just what Tom Reid said, it's also that they kicked Speranza out of a meeting for not answering whether he was recording it and believing that he had malicious motives.
They are accusing Brother Speranza of potentially violating the IBEW Constitution in the future and punished him without a trial.
These IBEW "precogs" already found Speranza guilty of violating Article 25, Section 1 (j) of the IBEW Constitution,
"Making known the business of a L.U., directly or indirectly, to any employer, employer-supported organization, or other union, or to the representatives of any of the foregoing."
And yet Brother Perry Speranza has never done that. He was punished for a crime that has never occurred.

     OK, that is one example. How about the IBEW IVP Bill Daniels recent decision to Brother Speranza, dated February 18, 2015, where he states the following?
page 4, 3rd paragraph
"The practical reason for the above is painfully obvious, if any member(s) in good standing could
attend any Ratification meeting as you assert, the true wishes of the members employed under said
agreement could potentially, and quite easily, be manipulated. In other words members without any
real "Skin in the Game" so to speak could affect the outcome."

     Daniels is suggesting that IBEW members have malicious intentions towards properly ratifying other members' agreements. That is not only ludicrous, it is totally disrespectful and insulting to the IBEW members as a whole. What kind of person or organization paints the members as untrustworthy, up to no good and probably up to malicious deeds? Why would a member want to purposely screw other members' agreements?

     Well, again, the IBEW PreCrime Department precogs have looked into the future and allegedly saw Speranza maliciously manipulate Low-Rise members and punished Brother Speranza for attending the Low-Rise Residential meetings. All under the pre-tense that he would allegedly "taint" Low-Rise members into receiving a "raw deal" for their Collective Agreement... in the future.  ::)

     Of course, the IBEW IO have already twisted and contorted themselves by offering illogical interpretations of the IBEW Constitution, regarding member attendance of special meetings and members tape recording meetings. Major FAIL on their part but leave it to the IBEW Department of Justifications' "Ministers of Propaganda" to write the smoke and mirrors as cover for the IBEW PreCrime Department precogs. 

So, the IBEW PreCrime Department have apparently been looking into the future and have seen Brother Speranza violating the IBEW Constitution and/or have seen the IBEW implode because of his future actions. They are accusing Brother Speranza of being up to malicious deeds and punishing him with no evidence and no trial for alleged future violations.
And the IBEW Department of Justification have their "Ministers of Propaganda" dream up some gobbledeegook BS interpretations of the IBEW Constitution and use them to justify their oppressive and Orwellian attacks against members... like Brother Speranza.

Given the track record where all past charges against Brother Speranza were reversed.... I'd fire those Precogs... and the Ministers of Propaganda.
But... his majesty, the IBEW International President Lonnie Stephenson and his high priests have plenty of money, the IBEW members' dues money, to continue this Orwellian charade forever.

The IBEW PreCrime Department
Very scary, Owooooooooooooooo

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Re: The IBEW Secret Society
« Reply #1 on: June 24, 2015, 05:59:03 AM »

The Secrets
Audio Recording in the IBEW

     I believe the only place where audio recording is mentioned in IBEW literature is in their How to Conduct a Hearing Manual. If I am wrong, please correct me and post the link to the IBEW document that also mentions it. Nowhere is it written that IBEW members can or cannot make audio recordings of their communications that involve IBEW business.

     If the IBEW IO interpretation states that audio recordings can't be made of LU meetings, does that apply to the Recording Secretary? That Article XVII, Section 3 does not mention what technology that the R.S. can or cannot use to make LU meeting minutes. Pen, pencil, typewriter, keyboard on laptop, braille, video, or audio? So is the R.S. allowed to audio record the meetings? If so, wouldn't members also have the same right under the IBEW Constitution and be allowed?

     Trial Board hearings are audio recorded by the trial board officers. The IBEW members on trial are also allowed to audio record the hearings. Why isn't the integrity of IBEW Trial Board hearings at risk What if audio recordings of IBEW Trial Board hearings were made known, directly or indirectly, to any employer, employer-supported organization, or other union, or to the representatives of any of the foregoing?

     Extremely hypocritical of IBEW officers to suggest that members who audio record meetings would tamper with them. Manipulate them by editing and send them to contractors and/or competitor unions with malicious intentions. Especially since there was an audio recording of an IBEW 353 Trial Board hearing made by the IBEW 353 officers that was tampered with. Manipulated by editing and sent out as the official record of that hearing.


Very scary,

These non-existent IBEW policies.
These unwritten IBEW policies.
These unbelievable interpretations of IBEW Constitution Articles.

What are these current individuals that mask as honourable IBEW officers so afraid of?

     Looks like the IBEW Secret Society has the Sovereign Grand Master Minister of Propaganda teaching courses of doublespeak gobbledeegook. GoodTradeUnionist must have graduated with honours under his guidance. Sometimes I think I am reading GTUs postings when I  see some of these decisions by other IBEW officers. The IBEW IO might as well have borrowed GoodTradeUnionists' famous legal defence speech.
Let's listen to it OK?

If you didn't understand that, click the link below to view that video with subtitles.

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Create a law to conceal violations of union officers
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2015, 04:46:10 AM »
The IBEW PreCrime Department

IBEW Precogs looked into the future and saw
corrupt union officers being held accountable
because their crimes were tape recorded.

IBEW Department of Justification

Ministry of Propaganda invokes a law that unjustly prevents audio recorded evidence
 to be entered as evidence in the IBEW Kangaroo Courts,
in an attempt to protect and hide the violations of union officers

     One example of this kind of activity is a recent motion to ban all recording devices from local union meetings and committee meetings and special called meetings. There have been many issues taken by members with the accurate recording of our local union meeting minutes by our Recording Secretary. When members take issue with the accuracy of the minutes he has stated to us that they are his minutes and he will interpret how they will be recorded and what should be included and excluded. The motion to ban recording devices from meetings was sponsored and supported by the local 353 officials and in my opinion was improperly ruled as passed and I filed charges to expose the errors in the procedure that are contrary to the IBEW Constitution. My charges were not investigated and returned to me by the IVP 1st District Phil Flemming. In his letter to me he accused me of filing frivolous charges for politically motivated and malicious reasons influenced by a failed attempt to be elected president of local 353 in 2002.

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Re: The IBEW Secret Society
« Reply #3 on: June 26, 2015, 06:55:53 PM »
Did you know that the government places a higher priority on the public being allowed to speak their minds about elected officials so this would translate over to elected officials in a union who are paid by members money and they have a higher burden of proving libel.

So the question is--does this local believe that since they can use union funds freely for legal representation and Perry-the member doesnt--that this disadvantage  will help them win?

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Re: The IBEW Secret Society
« Reply #4 on: June 26, 2015, 07:15:13 PM »
Also they have to prove it has caused them personal injury including loss of work. Well I hardly think any of those officials have suffered any loss of work but blacklisting of Perry or anyone else if proven in their jobs is reason for counter suing.
There are a number of other things including the blaming of him of the collapse of Retrocom.  All the others blamed have a good suit too. They asked for an investigation of their hard earned monies and they have that right. But the courts will decide that.

The innuendo of buying a judge is because of a movie  watched so GTU and his ego and confidence leads to asking him as an alias about goons which is a true story.  I believe
gtu or his alias bragged about their castle being untouchable so hardly can they say they have suffered harm. That impenetrable castle with the moat around it and no one can overtake it.

So just like our infomeister has stated that the ibew is a big organization and how dare you take aim at the officials well the same can be said by all members-how dare you character assassinate members hiding behind fake aliases and how dare you sue them for asking questions and demanding answers regardless of how frustration makes you act. When you dare run with the cheetah you hound -remember GTU or Andy Brennan-you liken yourself to a hound-you will see who is faster in the  long run.

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Re: The IBEW Secret Society
« Reply #5 on: June 30, 2015, 02:57:22 AM »
The IBEW Precrime Department

Sowing the seeds
of destruction?

The forefathers of the current precogs
saw an opportunity to take the foundation of unionism
from under the feet of the IBEW members.

The Precogs,
the Ministry of Propaganda,
Corporations, Government,
and the Supreme Court
saw an opportunity to indirectly control the union
by allowing corporate-minded IBEW officers to turn
what was a 'membership union' to a 'business union'.

It was called the Reid-Murphy split.
Read what the victors wrote here:
That event in history could be marked as
the planting of the secret society seed
that grew to infect the IBEW.

Having a schism
that pit the ideologies
of a "union for members" against a "business for union"
certainly spelled doom before the Courts for the members.
Because solidarity of labor as the first requirement
for the advancement of the working class as a whole
should not be coerced by the state into accepting "business unionism".

Sure the IBEW made gains but then it stopped.
Concession after concession, the standard of living plummeted,
as collective agreements lost their past gains.

Most members relented to the concessions,
in the belief that membership will increase
and the tides of fortune would come back to reward them.

But we've witnessed IBEW Locals taking concessions during boom times.
Sure there was an increase in wages
but that came with losing other articles.
One great lost was the choice to refuse over-time.
Now you're a well paid slave with no time to enjoy life.

Fork in the road.
Choosing to increase membership
over keeping the ability of striking and exercising it only when warranted
was the point of no return.
Oops, wrong turn for the members.

Had the 'membership union' prevailed at the Courts,
the IBEW's membership would have increased.
Increased not just because of the attractive standard of living alone.

The open, transparent conduct of the representation,
the fair and just opportunity for all members to be properly informed,
well in advance of voting on all decisions,
would also be an attractive feature.

There would probably be layoffs in the IBEW organizing department.

Controlling the future of members
without allowing them a fair opportunity
to be involved in the decision making
is not a union.

No wonder the High Priests of the IBEW
destroyed OMOV

If you think that this isn't reality
then the Ministry of Propaganda succeeded.

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Secrecy encourages Apathy
« Reply #6 on: July 04, 2015, 04:53:56 AM »
The IBEW PreCrime Department

When the Precogs looked into the future
and saw high membership participation with fairness and transparency,
they quickly alerted the Department of Justification.

Propaganda Ministers were ordered to scheme up the ultimate battle plan.

Ironically, instead of a battle,
they created political BS theatre of such biblical proportions
that it either disgusted you

or drove you into tears of boredom

culminating into dark clouds of apathy.

The Ministry of Propaganda's slogan for their mandate,
Last man standing!
has kept them in office by creating catastrophic apathy.
Turning off so many members,
tipped the scales in their favour.

But they're not invincible.
Thus the reason why they are quick to file false charges
against anyone that attempts to exercise union democracy
as an opposing voice to the incumbents.

It's another difficult position that union democracy is in.

How do you keep secrets?
Secrets that reveal dishonesty?

Just refuse to accept evidence to hide violations.
Just file frivolous charges of Libel
to harass the contender that points out the violations.

Brought to you by Blue pill.

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The IBEW Secret Society
« Reply #7 on: July 05, 2015, 02:52:08 AM »
This is a perfect example to focus one's attention regarding the importance of sending delegates who were elected by the membership.

I'll be sure to hand out lucky rabbit's foot to all that were elected as delegates.
Just retired, enjoying my pension.