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April 16, 2021, 02:00:35 PM

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Author Topic: Attention IBEW Members - Election Rules According to the LMRDA  (Read 2376 times)

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Re: Attention IBEW Members - Election Rules According to the LMRDA
« Reply #15 on: July 09, 2015, 05:56:06 PM »
Its too bad Perry you only mailed your letter to the unemployed. I guess having a hard time keeping a steady job in 353 doesn't give you the extra pennies to mail out to all members and that was what was needed.
I wonder who paid for the slates stuff?  I guess they can afford it.

I believe that if all members were aware then it would make a difference. So ignore GTU. That guy thinks he is so untouchable. They all do but I guess when law enforcement know the name of the member threatened by goons to drop out of an election and those threatened with going to revenue Canada and look the otfher way then who will do anything. If law enforcement was doing intrusive spying on a  member then they would know the names of everyone involved.  Ask GTU. He knows. He pretends to hear a rumour but he is pretending. He knows.  He refuses to comment on the topic of when surveillance has gone too far.  I wonder why. Was this a special newsletter??  I wonder what message they are going to send to the wsib to stop intrusive spying. The word intrusive is quite interesting. Perhaps I can reveal the ways of intrusive spying so the public  can know what it entails.

So let's see---trying to get this alias for libel. Keep trying .  Stories are true. So libel can't be done against the truth and the only way the stories would change is if people are threatened...AGAIN!!!

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Re: Attention IBEW Members - Election Rules According to the LMRDA
« Reply #16 on: July 29, 2015, 09:38:11 PM »
GoodTrdeUnionist said,

Well he got his wish, now he can seek friendly amendments to Bill c-377 so his cherished cause celeb issues are" written into law.

You should have helped me back in 2007 instead of participating to misinform and oppose in discussions that may have lead to legislation put in place to guarantee member's rights and fair elections.

You want to blame me for Bill-377 Gary Majesky?

Don't you think that I would have pushed for inclusion of LMRDA Title 1 in any Canadian legislation that I supported.

Why was organized labour in Canada so inept in opposing laws that will encumber unions with financial reporting requirements? Was it because I didn't help them enough? Perhaps I could have helped more if I wasn't so busy fighting IBEW Kangaroo Court decisions and challenging flawed union elections and what I identify as violations to the IBEW Constitution when officers conduct meetings improperly and use double standards when dealing with members.

If I didn't need to deal with Notices of Libel that threaten me with lawsuits. :(

If I didn't need to spend time challenging what i believe are false statements made on the union floor to mislead members about why officers are taking actions against a member and using local union money. :(

If I didn't need to deal with being physically assaulted by an union officer while being in my own union hall dispatch area. :(

If I could freely attend local 353 low rise union meetings and not be harassed and assaulted by a business representative that takes exception to my passing out literature to fellow members. :(

If I didn't get swarmed by a bunch of local 353 representatives and officers armed with their "interpretations" of the IBEW Policies and Procedures when I walked into a low rise union meeting. If i could just sit in the meeting and be in attendance without being confronted by a banquet hall manager and then the police, there would have been no delay in the meeting and no circus, but that was the choice made by the local 353 union officers and it has been supported by international officers that claim eloquent decisions on appeals despite those appeals avoiding many of the evidence presented and the constitutional issues addressed in my arguments. :(

If I could get a proper and fair decision from International officers regarding internal complaints about officers failing to carry out their duties according to their oaths and the IBEW Constitution without needing to file charges. I would have more time. :(

I know what you're thinking, I have left a lot things out.

But I will find time to get to them later.