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September 19, 2021, 02:56:01 AM

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Author Topic: Double standard? A policy that allows IBEW officers to be above IBEW law?  (Read 720 times)

Offline Eric Klyne

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Jeff Irons was fuming about what he called "accusations" but I made no accusations I simply recounted what I know to be the facts. He called me a liar, an asshole and used profanity several times... but it's ok because he just immediately apologizes for the saying the F word but the chairman Jodi Hill doesn't seem bothered about him abusing a fellow member trying to speak to the members at the meeting. ???

Article 25 * Article XV - Misconduct, Offenses and Penalties


Sec. 1.
Any member may be penalized for committing any one or more of the following offenses:

(a) Violation of any provision of this Constitution and the rules herein, or the bylaws, working agreements, or rules of a L.U.

(b) Having knowledge of the violation of any provision of this Constitution, or the bylaws or rules of a L.U., yet failing to file charges against the offender or to notify the proper officers of the L.U.

(i) Disturbing the peace or harmony of any L.U. meeting or meeting of its Executive Board, using abusive language, creating or participating in any disturbance, drinking intoxicants, or being intoxicated, in or around the office or headquarters of a L.U.

It would seem that Jeff and Jody have committed offenses?
Jeff for violating Sec. 1.(a),(i) and Jodi for violating Sec. 1.(a)(b).

Unless there is some unwritten policy
or ridiculously, interpreted Article of the IBEW Constitution
that allows Local Union officers to be above IBEW law?

So far, the IBEW 1st district office have dismissed charges against IBEW 353 officers without proper investigations, without any trials and some they just forget about.

Is there a double standard?  ::)

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Well don't forget that goons showed up at a 353 members house with guns in their pockets in front of children to threaten a member from running in an election so making mistakes on mail outs is piddly in comparison but remember these goons got away with it and law enforcement look the other way. They look the other way at  low level assault--perhaps because the perpetrator refuses to hand over the video tapes showing it or the police have no backbone to realizing the importance of what occurred in a union setting  to a member that is being sued for libel and is a threat to this union.