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September 19, 2021, 01:26:45 AM

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Author Topic: Tom Reid First District IVP Could not run a Lemonade Stand let alone IBEW Canada  (Read 1298 times)

Offline James Martin

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"Tom Reid First District IVP Could not run a lemonade stand let alone IBEW Canada"

The members of LU 2330 finally received an update regarding an investigation involving former officers of our local.  It only took four years since the members started asking questions, sending letters to IO, and requesting information.

This letter states that our current President and three former Business mangers were found guilty and must pay restitution of $2,275,446.00.  What the letter fails to tell us is the actual charges, how they are planning to recoup the money and what happened to the other 30 million dollars that went through our hall.

IVP Tom Reid recused himself from hearing these charges to avoid an appearance of a conflict.  In my opinion that statement means he was either involved or he knows more then he says.  He passed this responsibility over the Fourth District IVP Brian Malloy who unfortunately passed away. 

This responsibility then fell on the Newly appointed Fourth District IVP Gina Cooper, the wife of International Secretary-Treasurer Kenneth Cooper.

Her decision was.

•   President Ann Geehan, Guilty, Permanently Expelled Restitution Amount $1,576,283.77
•   Richard Dalton, Former Business Manager, Guilty, Permanently Expelled Restitution Amount $457,077.70
•   William Doyle, Former Business Manager, Guilty, Permanently Expelled Restitution Amount $199,369.73
•   Jonathan Baker, Former Business Manager, Guilty, Permanently Expelled Restitution Amount
•   Total $2,275,446.00

This letter does not address many other issues that LU 2330 has been facing.  Our collective agreement has been out for years.  Our hall dispatches calls at roughly 85% name hire.  We have members who have not worked for 6 plus years.

In addition to this we were put into trusteeship on May 30, 2019.  Our members have received little or no updates from IVP Tom Reid and we have not had a meeting since.

IVP Tom Reid has been slow to return our local to its newly elected executives and its members.  He is blaming snowstorms, the unfortunate passing of an international IVP and most recently the Covid-19 for the delays.  What he fails to say is that he knows much more then he is letting on.  Why did Tom Reid recuse himself?  Was it because his office promoted Richard Dalton to International Representative after he stole these funds from the hard-working members of 2330?

Maybe the IBEW and Lonnie Stephenson should place the whole first district under trusteeship and start with Tom Reid’s office.

It took professional auditors that were to perform a forensic audit well over a year to figure out what was taken.  The funny thing is, as a newly elected Treasurer with 2330 I went through last seven years of bank statements and released roughly the same number to the members of 2330.  I did this research over one weekend with a couple of cups of coffee with only bank statements and came up with roughly the same thing.  Tom Reid’s office is only telling the members what they already know. 

What happened to the rest of the money?  There must be millions still unaccounted for.  According to our last financial statements dated June 30, 2019 (I had to contact 9 government officials to get these because our local would not send them to me) they state our local is owed $6,963,870.00 from our building, E-Tech Inc. and the IBEW College.   Tom Reid has failed to tell the members where these funds went.

Tom Reid and IBEW Canada is not fooling anyone.  There is a serious cover up going on here.  Possibly the biggest cover up in IBEW history.  Our members deserve answers, they need to know what happened and we need their local back. 

We brought this information to the international office because we wanted this handled in house.  We did not want to embarrass the IBEW, but they have failed to resolve these issues in a timely manner.  The letter also states to contact Cordell Cole our trustee if we have any concerns but just like Tom Reid when you write him you get no response.

In addition to all of this, one of our most vocal members, a man who has been fighting for fairness and transparency has been blacklisted by IBEW Canada.  A letter was sent to him from a contractor stating he was turned down for a job because IBEW Canada did not recommend this brother. 

In my opinion this was an attempt to silence the masses and set an example.  The IBEW is stating if you speak out against us you will not work.  This is the response you get when you speak out about the First district IVP Tom Reid.

It is not too late Tom Reid.  Get off your ass and start earning your over-inflated salary.  Start doing your job and start representing the members of 2330.  Stop passing the buck and take responsibility for your own neglect.  It is your responsibility to make sure locals under your district follow the Constitution and their by-laws.  Your office is supposed to be protecting our locals from these actions and not sit by and watch it happen. 

There have been complaints put in against Richard Dalton while he was our International Representative, and what did IO do?  They wrote back and stated these complaints have been forwarded to and will be addressed by our International Representative Richard Dalton.  Seriously, like this man will investigate himself.  You cannot even make this up.

The members of 2330 are demanding that these people be criminally charged, and we want our funds back.  I am asking that our newly appointed Fourth District IVP Gina Cooper notify the authorities immediately.  The IBEW has wasted enough time.  Does President Lonnie Stephenson intend to delay actions further?

Tom Reid its time for you to address these issues, turn our local back over to it members.  If you cannot do this.  Go back to a lemonade stand.  Maybe you will do better there.

James Martin
Treasurer LU 2330